Our Goal

Live Love Organize offers a whole product solution to satisfy all of your organizing needs.  We strive to take the headache out of organizing, by spearheading all aspects of its coordinating and implementation.  If your goal is to utilize your garage or kitchen spaces more effectively, or to have a filing system that actually works, we are here to help.  Our clientele reflects a range of diverse individuals and groups, making us the ideal choice to help satisfy your organizing needs.

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What our clients say

“Thank you for the help, for sure we see the potential of your work for companies.  Thank you so much for coming today, and doing your magic. We really appreciated it.  It will make a lot of our work easier and so motivating.”

Business Owner

“Two years ago I was completely overwhelmed by a house and home office/studio gone OUT OF CONTROL.  With my 2 small daughters (2 and 5 yrs. old then) and the accumulation of gifts and toys, I barely even let my kids play with anything because I had no where to put it away after it came out of the box.  I was also trying to handle our personal training/fitness equipment business that was multiplying in tasks exponentially and needed help desperately.  In short, I was losing my mind and my family and professional life was suffering.  Kimberly has not only made life in my house go from unmanageable to peaceful and wonderful but has been instrumental in the success of our business moving forward.  She does everything “my way” but with the expertise and kindness of someone who cares and understands the task (EVERY task) at hand.  She gets more done in an hour than anyone I’ve ever worked with.  She has an exceptionally pleasant attitude, intuition, smarts and an incredible memory.  She knows where EVERYTHING in my entire house and office is located. Kimberly works with me weekly now and she is a huge part of my life.  I cannot say enough about the effect she has on me and my family.  She is worth every penny.”

Organized home office and living spaces

“After taking the Bar Exam, I sensed it was time to finally tackle the clutter that had been building up in my apartment during 3 years of law school, 2 moves across the country, and the transfer of all my childhood things from my mother’s house to my condo. Instead of a post-Bar trip, I considered investing time and money with Kimberly to be a better use of my money. The result: a lot less expensive and a lot more rewarding than any trip could have been. In a short amount of time, we transformed my formerly embarrassingly cluttered place into an inviting home in which I can now both relax and entertain comfortably. I cannot say enough good things about Kimberly!”

Organized home office and living spaces

“I was so happy and amazed with the work that Kimberly did in my children’s bedroom and closet.  The organization made such sense!  Moreover, my kids were very pleased with it.  I could tell that they have a ton more pride in their room, which was my goal.  They spent a ton of time in there this weekend…playing, reading, watching TV and just hanging out.  Thank you so much for this.  Know that your work made a huge difference in our lives and we are very happy.”

Organized kids shared bedroom

Our Founder

Kimberly Schwarz

Kimberly Schwarz

Chief Organizing Officer

Kimberly Schwarz, founder and COO (Chief Organizing Officer), of Live Love Organize, has been a Professional Organizer, well, all her life! As a child, Kimberly was well known for her super organizing abilities. Kimberly would spend her play time cleaning up and organizing anything and everything. Needless to say, she was a highly sought after play date.