Q: What is a Professional Organizer?
A: Professional Organizers provide information, products and hands-on assistance to help people organize their home and workspace. A professional organizer guides, encourages and educates clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus and direction.

Q: What can a Professional Organizer do for me?
A: A professional organizer provides ideas, information, structure, solutions, and systems that will increase productivity, reduce stress, and create a newfound freedom and sense of being in control. (Bottom line: a professional organizer isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty!)

Q: How do we get started?
A: We first conduct a complimentary on-site assessment to review your needs. From there we create a plan of action and discuss your options for moving forward.

Q: Do I need to prepare before your visit?
A: The fact that you have made the step towards our first visit is a huge one (do I hear a “sigh of relief”?). During our initial meeting we will address our plan of attack, including setting goals for each of us to accomplish moving forward. Any additional preparations (like the purchase of filing supplies, organizing containers, etc.) will be addressed as we progress with our project. If you prefer, we can purchase any such materials on your behalf.

Q: Are you just going to throw away all my stuff?
A: Of course not. We won’t throw away anything you don’t want us to.  We specialize in developing organizational systems for any items you want to keep, from last month’s phone bill to your child’s fifth grade art projects.  However, we also consult clients in identifying those items that might not be worth keeping, like broken toys or grocery store receipts from a long, long time ago.

Q: What about the stuff I no longer want but don’t know what to do with?
A: No worries! We will happily take anything and everything to your donation facility of choice or, if need be, arrange for a donation facility to come and pick up. (Did somebody say tax write-off?)

Q: Do you realize what you are about to get into because I can’t imagine where we will begin?
A: Of course we do. We want to help reduce your stress. Together we can create a plan to fulfill your organizing needs and see you through to a clearer space.

Q: I have more questions, now what?
A: Please call or email us and we will be happy to answer any further questions and/or concerns that you might have.

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